Skateboarding Videos

Playlist Mode On- Sit back and watch these Skaters: Charlie Ruiz, Tony Cervantes, Frank Fernandez, Alex Asher,  Jonathan Truillo, Tony Willie,  Michael Perry, Elezar ” jack ” Leon, Isaac Rincon and many others shreddit.

Update 11-11-12
Frank Fernandez at ETNIES SKATEPARK

Alex Asher Skateboarding the Whittier Cal Pool, I present to you, What is POOL!

Update 11 – 11 – 2012 Whittier Local

Alex Asher @ Backyard Pool

Frank Fernandez @ Daurte Skatepark

Frank Fernandez @ 3 Parks, 1 day, you gotta have a Montage!

Tony Willie, Alex Asher, Ron Coleman , Elezar ” jack ” Leon

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