Turnbull Canyon is a great place to shoot California Wild Life. Over the years I have found it to be a great place to shoot hawks, vultures, snakes, gofers, plant life, crows, small birds, bobcats, mountain lions, deers and coyotes. I do not have pictures of all the of animals listed above, however I have spotted them with my own eyes. It has become increasingly busy in Turnbull, with a great number of people trying to get fit. So go early, or go mid day. Please remember to pick up your own trash and if you would like to help up, there is plenty of trash to pick up. Mainly waterbottles and gatorade bottles…

There are many places online that try to attempt to teach you to pack a backpack for hiking. The main problem I am running into is being able to pack your essentials for hiking + your camera gear. If this is of help to you the best solution I have found so far is this. A plastic box. Stuff your camera equipment into the plastic box. If you can find one that best suits your camera and lenses buy that one. My pack has a sleeping bag, tent and 100oz water bladder. I am able to put the sleeping bag inside the box with the camera. This solution worked for today. It is not meant to be a camera out of the box in 1 minute type of set up. If I can find a more sleek plastic box, I will use that.

Equipment I want to take with me, 7d,70-300, 18-135, 8mm, 50mm, shotgun mic, zoomh4n, 3 batteries, battery grip, shutter control timer, lens hoods, flash. Most of the items can fit in the plastic box that I have. Its snug, and it works. I want a smaller box / padded box.

Tips for wildlife shooting – It really is a waiting game. I can’t chase hawks. I can spot them and then predict (with luck) which way they are gonna go. Chose where you want to camp and get lucky. Its hard to expose for 2 situations. You and I need to make a sacrifice. You can either expose for one type of photo, or the other. For example today, I was in a spot where one side had great light, and the other side had shade / mountain blocking shade side. I had to chose one side, even though the birds could be in both spots. Its just too hard to re expose and adjust for both locations. Pick your battles. It is amazing to be surrounded by vultures. While I was shooting them when they flew past me, I could tell they were eyeing me. Pretty sweet feeling.

Equipment Used for todays turkey vulture shoot..

Canon 7D
70-300 L f4-5.6+hood
Format RAW
Adobe CS5

ISO400 –
1/500 – 1/1000 Shutter

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