Alex Dauw and Friends + explination of shots taken

2-3 FT @ Trails

2-3 FT @ Trails

1-3 FT at TRAILS

1-3 FT at TRAILS


Surf Photography –

Hello All – For those looking for photography tips / tricks / lessons or whatever perhaps I can help you out –
These pictures were shot during the time period of 8 AM to about 10:30 AM – on the same day. There was a storm rolling in, which means that the sun was being covered by clouds every now and then.

Lens choice (mm) – Canon 70-300 L f4/5.6 – I really like the option of being able to zoom a tiny bit between 200 MM and 300 MM – trying to keep the subject in the frame at all times without chopping off body parts is important to me.
If I had a 200 – 400 MM lens I think that would be perfect.

Shutter Speed – 1/3200 – Due to shooting at 200-300 MM focal range – and not using a tripod or mono pod at the time, I needed to crank the shutter speed up so that the shots come out clear. Plus, being able to stop the action and quick movements of the surfer are crucial. I would chose 1/2000 or faster if possible.

ISO – It was fairly bright, and my aperture at 300MM on this particular lens is f5.6 – I had set it to 200 when bright ( no clouds infront of sun ) – 400 ( when a thin cloud was infront of the sun ) and bump to 800 ( when the sun was being blocked by a thick / dense cloud )
Note – I prefer to change my ISO before aperture or shutter speed.

Aperture – As wide open as I can get on my lens is f5.6 at 300 MM – According to the DOF calculator it should have a buffer of around 172 ft to 200 ft or so of a sharp image, when the surfer is over 300-500 ft away or more. So not to big of a difference. The background blurs pretty well being that, since we are shooting at the ocean, plenty of distance to nearest piece of land or anything boat / clouds.

if you have any questions just send me a message – Have a Happy New Year !

Trails CA

Trails CA

Surf Sequences

I Had the opportunity to spend a few hours this morning at Venice Beach CA. Lucky for me there was a surf contest going, ( Venice Surf-A-Thon ), on and a bunch of great surfers out. Aside from that it was a clear day!
Venice Beach Surf
Venice Beach Surf sequenceVenice beach surf

Venice beach surf pictures

Venice Beach surfing picture

Venice Surf-A-Thon 19th

Venice Surf-A-Thon 19th


CANON 7D – raw image format
70-300 L F4-5.6
IS mode 2 ( on lens barrel )

camera settings,


Man. Select- AF point expansion

Aperture F5.6, ISO 400 and shutter speeds between 3,200 – 5000

processed in photoshop

It was a fairly bright day, the time these shots were taken was between 10:30 and 11:45. I opted for ISO 400, to use higher shutter speeds. Metering mode was set to spot. I find that being able to go from, 200-300MM is important and I like the option of having a zoom lens. I am not sure how it would of worked with a prime. If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me a comment or email me.