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My wife had an appointment with a florist today, so after making the two of us breakfast, I knew that today would be a skate day. I headed over to Whittier skatepark around 9:30 am. Whittier skatepark on Saturday mornings usually goes like this… If you get there early enough you run into a crew of skaters that hit the park around 6:30-7am and are gone by the time most of the regular crowd arrives around 10:30-11 am. At 8 ish there is a Saturday morning skate class, lead by instructor Aaron Morgan. You should enroll your children in this. The class is great! While the class is in session, the only part of the park you can skate is the bowl. Believe it or not, the Whittier bowl is pretty much perfect. It has great transition and no one complains about it. The fast metal coping is perfect all around. Well, before I end up rambling, basically I skated the bowl, and then left. I hopped onto Addictbook(facebook) and sent Charlie Tanner a message that went something like this, “want to skate a pool?” and his response was this…

empty pool skateboarding

Charlie Tanner skating a backyard pool

Over the swamp

Charlie Tanner – No time to drain.

Charlie Tanner going around the lake.

So even if your pool has water in it, charlie tanner will skate your backyard pool. If you have a backyard pool and it is empty. I can pay you good money if you let us skate your backyard pool. Have a great day! thanks for the looksie.



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