Maximus, the fall and the hit.

German Shepherd Dog Maximus Healthy 5 to 6 year old Maximus is my German Shepehrd Dog. I found him at work a day after I had to put down my chow mix Princess. Max is a pretty quirky dog. He does things that are just peculiar. For instance, when ever I sit down somewhere, max will put himself in-between me and entrance to that room. He guards me from anyone when I am at my house.  This includes, my parents, my girlfriend, my friends my other dogs. Aside from that, he has OCD which  drives him lick his paws and knees when he has nothing better to do. At some point in time, we noticed his vision decline. He walks into doors, or other objects. He could however just be clumsy and oblivious to his surroundings, since he passes the nuisance test( take your finger, and pretend to flick his eye, and if he shuts it, his vision is good), and can still catch balls thrown directly at his face.

Max had to go in to get an eye lid tumor removed, however when they were examining him they gave my family the scare that he could have bone cancer. During the time of his examination they noticed that he is painful in the front leg. After a few x-rays though they could not find any form of cancer! So we are stoked on that. However they could not determine why his bones look the way they do. Something about the texture of the bones being different then a normal dog would have. So for now, he is healthy and enjoying his sweet dog life.

Meanwhile, later that day… I took a picture of my parents, which I had not done so for a while. resulting in this..

Mr. & Mrs Hibbard

Shortly after this picture, my dad fell off the front porch and into a cluster of birds of paradise plants. Resulting in some broken plant pots. From afar it sounded like a tree falling down in a rainforest. Everything is alright.

a little while later, our dog Sirius, pictured below, between Amanda and Maximus.

Was out in the front yard. With my Mom and Dad. He is normally very predictable. Stays near you, or in the grass waiting for you to throw the ball for him. He is a very “game of fetch” oriented dog. Amanda and I went inside to put something away and a few seconds later…… screetch / smack. the classic car crash sound.The hit.  The yell saying “oh God no”. I raged. I knew what had happened. Our beloved dog had been struck by a car. No a truck. A very Large truck. Sirius quickly fled the point of impact and ran toward to house. I see hit dogs all the time. I work all over the Inland Empire. It inst a pretty sight. Dogs limping, Dogs in the street. Dogs with no owners, or had just got out or lost. Even Maximus has been saved by the CHP. It must of been a few years ago now, but Maximus was rescued from the 605 freeway and Beverly after he got out when I was at work.  Sirius had ran directly to Amanda who was on the porch. I ran to the back room to get his crate. He fled into his crate immediately.  I backed up the truck, we loaded him into the truck, tied in the crate and went to the vet. this event took place at 6 o clock. was at the vet by 6:15. on the way to the vet it really did seem like everyone was driving 5 miles an hour.  My mom and dad were the only two to see what happened. apparently Sirius went into the street due to my neighbor walking his dog. The truck had slowed to around 20. And Sirius, ran into the tire of it. Not under the tire, but ran into the tire. Much better then under the tire, or the front of the car. The vet examined him and a few x rays later it looks like he got away with just a little bit of road rash.

The streets are ever increasing in traffic. Be you a fan of the “go green” who want hybrids and electric cars. Please note those cars make very little sound. so watch out. you cant hear it coming. As a Skateboarder / and Cyclist and motorcyclist, I just wish you a warning. Keep your eyes out for anything. and be safe. And if you are a dog lover, or own dogs, its no longer a place where you can dream that your dog can be out, because the harsh truth is, everyone is in a hurry, and all streets are becoming more and more busy. Keep your cats inside, Ive lost too many cats to cars / coyotes. My neighbors have too. Keep the dog on a leash and in your yard. check for holes and double check, because it only takes a few seconds to lose your life. We got lucky, The Lord watched out for our pet when we did not.

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