Wild life photography with the canon 7d


Decided to go for a walk. Well hoped to run into some Red Tailed Hawks. Did not know what to expect, and did not know too much about getting up close to them. Pretty excited with these shots. One of them is extremely over exposed, I had a real heck of a time shooting in AV mode. I prefer Manuel, but it was a sunny then cloudy then sunny type of day. Shooting up at the bird is terrible, but after a while it flew past me and I managed to get 2 shots that I really like.

Shot with the canon 70-300 f4-5.6 L lens on a canon 7d. I am pretty sure that 300mm is on the short side for trying to shoot birds from afar but the lens is killer and I had to try it.

I find it funny that I try to get noticed by shooting a subject that for the most part, does not want to be noticed.

As a tip… Once you know what to look for, red tail hawks stick out like sore thumbs. To my initial thought that they would like to be in tall trees to then finding out that, small shrubs are something they enjoy to be perched in. I saw 3 of them in small shrubs. The sun was facing them and their white chests just scream, here I am.





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