Learning to skateboard with a camera rig

Learning to use my camera and push and follow skaters at the same time is made simpler with a fig rig. I made mine following the instructions I found off of www.cheeseycam.com. I am happy with the results, I have always wanted to do this. If I get the Pro optics 8mm fish eye for Christmas you will be seeing a lot more of this. This was shot with the canon 18-135 lens, on 18 at a shutter of about 1/40 . wide open f3.5 aperture and iso of around 1600-2000 as of right now I can not remember. The results look fine as far as I am concerned. a main thought was that while skating around on one foot that if I pushed hard enough or fast enough that while cornering on one foot I may of slid out and go down, but that didn’t happen. These 3 lines were not the fastest, but just complete. It is quite a work out to chase down skaters while holding something of about 10 lbs. No complaints, it is pretty rad. enjoy the footage, I cant wait to do this out in the “field”

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